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360 Photo Booth Rental

360 photo booth rentals are becoming very popular

A development made to promote creativity in the photography profession is the 360 photo booth. The new invention has altered people’s perspectives on gatherings, meetings, and events. It aids people in overcoming the challenge of planning fun and interesting events that ensure the comfort of guests. Without engaging activities or contests, an event becomes monotonous, which can hurt the profitability of your company as attendees turn away from event organizers who don’t spice things up. In addition, everyone enjoys the notion of taking photos and posting them on social media, which is why the popularity of photo booths is only increasing.

How much might a 360 photo booth rental cost?

The price of a 360 photo booth rental is determined by:

  • Location – The demand for 360-degree photo booths varies depending on where you are. Price varies from place to place because it follows the supply-and-demand curve.
  • Day/time of the week – Depending on the day of the week, some rental firms also modify their prices. Therefore, 360 booth rentals are less expensive during the week and more expensive during the weekend when there are more events and a greater demand.
  • The quality of your equipment and value – Added services, such as personalized branding on videos, special effects, additional lighting, backdrop setups, green screens or enclosures, and props like swords, wigs, big glasses, signs, and so on, will determine the price you can charge. Your price approach ultimately depends on you, the strength of your brand, and your capacity to sell.

Typically, you’ll pocket between $200 and $600 per rental hour (with most events spanning 2-6 hours).

Is operating a 360 photo booth challenging?

Before you can successfully use a 360 degree photo booth, you’ll need to set up and learn to use:

  • the photo booth app
  • Video templates
  • Equipment

After playing around with the booth and equipment for a couple of afternoons, tech-savvy individuals will find it simple to get the system up and running. It might be a little difficult for everyone else out there, but don’t let that scare you! All photo booth programs feature sizable lesson libraries, how-to sections, and customer care groups that may assist you at every stage. Although they do not need to be skilled photographers, photo booth attendants should be knowledgeable enough about camera and lighting technologies to ensure that guests have the best experience and to solve any issues that may emerge while the event is taking place.


The 360 photo booth offers more features than a standard picture booth. You get a complete experience and have access to amazing features for your events. Many forward-thinking businesses have started to invest in the use of 360 photo booth software. Major event planning firms have made great efforts in offering 360 photo booths at reasonable rental rates because they recognize the value of utilizing the all-encompassing features. The sort of events planned and the user specifications determine the entire group of users for the photo booth. A selfie photo or video setup may be necessary for some occasions. Regardless of the design, the 360 photo booth layout offers a distinctive experience to any audience. Your capacity to take use of your innovations puts you far ahead of your competitors in a field, giving you the advantage in providing the best service possible. An event shouldn’t go out of existence as soon as it is over. Always make sure to get pictures shot to capture special moments. Considering a 360 photo booth for your event? Our post: ‘Everything You Need to Know About the 360 Photo Booth’ breaks down what you need to know to create an unforgettable experience.