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Enjoying Taking Picture In A Digital Photo Booth

4 Ways a Digital Photo Booth Can Boost Event Engagement

The majority of Buffalo Photo Booth Pros’ business was shut down by the pandemic in March 2020, therefore our team realized we would need to come up with creative solutions to stay afloat. As a rapidly expanding photo booth business with headquarters in New York, we started investigating how the current products may be redesigned to offer secure, useful solutions for both virtual and hybrid events.

In order to engage and connect audiences at virtual, hybrid, and in-person events and businesses, Buffalo Photo Booth Pros launched a variety of innovative new products, including virtual event photo booths, virtual headshots, and user-generated short form video.

Here are 4 ways Buffalo’s digital photo booth may increase event engagement:

1. Ensure that attendees are amused wherever they go.

The idea that a photo booth is the best way to engage and energize people holds true for both physical and virtual events.

The well-liked digital picture booth in Buffalo is quick, enjoyable, and adaptable, and it is simple to link with many of the top event platforms.

What’s best? It is as easy as possible for attendees to take amusing keepsakes from your event whether they are strolling around the show floor, waiting for the keynote to begin at home, or hanging out at the conference cocktail hour with friends thanks to the browser-based, embeddable product that works on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android with no downloads required. Looking to engage your guests and create keepsakes? Our post: ’10 Reasons to Rent a Photo Booth for Your Wedding’ lists compelling reasons why a photo booth is a wedding essential.

2. Boost interaction among attendees.

Making your event feel like a little, transient social network is one of the best ways to encourage engagement and connections among guests.

By combining a digital photo booth with our Social Wall, users may caption their images and interact with other guests without having to publish to their own, frequently private, carefully curated, or even nonexistent, social media profiles.

3. Put attendees right in the middle of your event branding.

For each event or promotion, Buffalo Photo Booth Pros’ products are completely personalized.

For instance, AI technology is utilized at virtual events to erase backgrounds, allowing attendees to be positioned inside imaginative virtual surroundings without ever having to leave their computers or couches.

Each element of the digital photo booth may be personalized to meet the event, marketing campaign, or action you’re planning, from eye-catching welcome screens and bespoke stickers to on-brand overlays and text.

4. Enable the event to endure long after it has ended.

Consider including a button that invites guests to join up for your service or make a donation to your cause at the conclusion of the picture-flow because every aspect of a digital photo booth activation can be modified. Beyond that, everything you can do to boost brand recognition naturally and enjoyably is a good idea. You may even give attendees the choice to participate in marketing campaigns after events if you choose to collect lead data.

What’s best? All of your digital photo booth content can be saved, displayed on a social media wall, or even created into a unique virtual mosaic image or film! And by making your post-event updates and marketing more relatable to your audience, all of this enables you to significantly improve them.

Curious about the world of photo booths? Our post: ‘Are there different types of photo booths?’ breaks down the types available and helps you decide which one aligns with your event.