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Making The Ultimate Playlist

5 Best Advice For Making The Ultimate Playlist

A DJ booth is important for every event. Most clients who want to have a great event like a wedding or other special event ask for the right songs in each program. Buffalo Entertainment Pros has a skilled DJ that knows songs suitable for every event and program. In this blog we will learn the best way to create the best playlist for your event.

Choose floor liners

There are a few songs that, looking back over the years, have cemented themselves firmly in the “party floor filler” genre, and you will hear them at pretty much every party you attend. The reason for this is that it is very likely that people will stand up and head to the dance floor to have a boogie when they hear these tunes.

Dancing Queen, Build Me Up Buttercup, It’s Raining Men, Billie Jean, and other excellent examples of these tunes are available. These songs are undeniably tried-and-true party classics, and while you might not want to listen to them outside of a party setting, all sense of taste, decency, and dignity must be left at the door as you enter the dance floor.

Select music that you can dance to

Instead of thinking of songs you like to listen to, try to come up with songs you can dance to. The song Dire Straits Money For Nothing, which is excellent for listening but not so great for dancing to, serves as an illustration of this. You’ll be shocked if you try listening and dancing to the music! Some of the greatest tunes ever simply make for uncomfortable dancing.

Determine which songs were popular throughout each guest’s formative years based on their age range. Try to limit your playlist to readily recognizable songs; there’s nothing worse than starting a song to a packed dance floor and having everyone turn to stare at each other in confusion.

Choose songs that you know your family and friends will enjoy

Since DJs have been choosing the music played at parties for far too long, sometimes it is best to let the party host pick their own playlist. After all, you know your friends and family much better than we will, so it makes sense. We’re not asking you to pick every song for the entire evening because it would essentially be saying that you don’t trust the DJ’s taste or expertise to pick the right tunes.

Avoid selecting too many songs

If you keep in mind that each song lasts about 4 minutes, you can play 15 songs on average per hour, which translates to a total of 60 songs for a typical evening party lasting about 4 hours. 

Now, you could log into my Event Planner and select every song for the evening, but to be honest, the best course of action is to propose 15 to 20 songs to the DJ along with details about the atmosphere you want to set.

It’s also a great idea to make a list of music you don’t like! Any skilled DJ may utilize this knowledge to put together a musical program that, hopefully, will get people up and dancing.

Quite frequently, during the course of the evening, visitors will approach me and ask me to play a particular song NEXT. However, if the song doesn’t really suit, it can and probably will cause the dance floor to break down and people may sit down. Normally, I don’t mind this, especially if it fits with the sort of music I’m currently playing.


A song played at the incorrect moment might have a significant negative effect on your party’s outcome. Timing is crucial. It is important that a professional DJ remix songs that will fit and be enjoyed by you and your friends.