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A Great Guide For Wedding Photo Booths

Wedding planning may be exciting, frustrating, and stressful—but also a lot of fun. You could be unsure whether you require a wedding photo booth while choosing your wedding’s day vendors.

Even so, you might not fully understand what a photo booth is or how it might help you and your guests on your special day.

We’ve put together this guide to address all of your photo booth queries in an effort to relieve some of the pressure on your already overburdened wedding preparation plate.

So relax those busy bridal feet, sip on your favorite beverage, and learn everything there is to know about the Bridal Party Selfie Spot.

How Can a Photo Booth Make My Wedding Day More Fun?

There are innumerable reasons a photo booth is a must-have wedding element, apart from the fact that it can serve as a “guest babysitter” during the slow moments of your big day (ahem, as you and your significant other pose for the photographer).

  1. A show for you and your visitorsBeing a guest at a dull wedding is the worst thing you can experience. An entertaining addition is a picture booth (besides of course the dancing and dinner).

    Providing more entertainment for your visitors encourages laughter and interaction, which uplifts spirits and fosters a party-ready mentality.

    You’ll receive a guest photo album after the wedding; use them as mementos or as friendly blackmail, which we believe is one of the top reasons for renting a photo booth for your wedding..

  2. Keepsakes
    Printouts will be available right away for your guests to take home and retain for future reference. Additionally, social media booths give consumers the chance to quickly and simply share photographs via text and email.
  3. Memories
    Photographs allow you to have actual memories in your hands, but the events will also live on in your memory forever. Photos with props and silly situations will make you nostalgic for your wedding day.
  4. An icebreakerNot everyone at a wedding will know one other because weddings are a gathering of family and friends. We promise that as the photo booth line forms, people will start chit-chatting with one another. You’ll be surprised to see complete strangers posing alongside one another, grinning, laughing, and forming new connections when you look back at your images.

Templates & Size Options for Photo Booths

You inquire, “What is the template?” The area that shows around the exterior of your images, or the frame that surrounds them, is what it is.

Themes, colors, and guest moods should all be taken into account when choosing your template and backdrop for your wedding.

Three template variations are shown here:

adding your names and wedding date to the design

Customizing with fonts and symbols

adding a hashtag to make sharing ready for social media

Photos from your big day out help transport you and your guests back to those memorable times. They can be enticed back to the private space you built for them with the use of colors, typefaces, and other words.

What Options Do I Have for a Wedding Photo Booth?

A photo booth is more than simply a simple addition to your wedding. There are numerous features and alternatives available.

An outdoor photo booth

The open-air picture booths are exactly what they sound like—open. In an open area, they can accommodate up to 25 guests. 

A private photo booth (or Closed Photo Booth)

If your wedding has an old-fashioned feel, the traditional photo booth experience brought to the modern wedding can be the way to go.

Instagram Booth (also called Selfie station or Ipad booth)

High-quality LED lighting and filter options that put Instagram to shame are required for socially shareable photographs. Boomerangs and gifs can be made in social media-friendly photo booths and shared as soon as the picture is taken. As implied by the name, you cannot print any of the photos with this option. You get them by texting or emailing them to yourself.

Photo Booth with Mirror

The Mirror Booth has an intuitive touch screen interface with interactive games, animations to spice up your images, and digital props to elevate the visitor experience.