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Different Types Of Photo Booths

Are there different types of photo booths?

The photo booth has evolved into the standard event activity in recent years. They’re so popular that event organizers keep bringing them back.
Companies (like us) have been introducing fresh and distinctive experiences to the market as a result of its appeal. There is currently a nearly overwhelming selection of photo booths. It can take a long time to speak with each photo booth company. It also gets difficult when comparing the features and settings. That’s why we’ve provided you with this list of photo booth comparisons to help clear up any confusion.
Here are 15 various kinds of photo booths that will make your event a success.

Open-air Photo Booth

The ideal option is an outdoor photo booth for the vast majority of events (as compared to an enclosed booth).
Here are some explanations:

  • By allowing others to observe your visitors having a good time, it enhances the festive atmosphere.
  • It can hold larger groups of visitors.
  • It operates with minimal space needed.
  • Often, it is less expensive and simpler to set up

Classic Photo Booth

The most popular kind of booth is the traditional photo booth machine. It will capture pictures of you and your pals that you can immediately send to yourself. Additionally, you will get a printout, typically in the 4R size.

GIF Booth

Over the past few years, the GIF booth has grown in popularity to the point where it is now almost as widespread as the traditional photo booth.

  • There are two ways to use GIFs:
  • By taking numerous pictures that will be assembled into a GIF
  • By recording a boomerang, a quick looping video.

GIF Booth with Holographic Prints

The first GIF booth with holographic prints was unveiled in 2016. It has since gained recognition as one of the most cutting-edge photo booth experiences. These on-the-spot holographic (or lenticular) prints that resemble 3D are produced using special software and techniques. It’s cool because you can watch us create them, and we work more quickly than you may expect—we can produce up to 150 prints each hour.

Enclosed Photo Booth

The enclosed photo booth device is the most similar to your old mall photo booth. Relive the times you crammed your best pals into a small booth, fought for a position, and obtained a fun strip of pictures. If you want to give your guests privacy, consider renting an enclosed photo booth. Once the curtain is drawn, you’ll be astounded at how much more openly they can express themselves.

Magic Mirror Photo Booth

A photo booth device posing as a full-length mirror is the magic mirror. Different businesses provide slightly different designs; some feature vintage frames, while others are sleek and contemporary. Want to explore the magic of mirror photo booths? Dive into our guide: ‘Mirror Photo Booth: Everything You Need to Know Before You Rent One’ for a comprehensive understanding of this interactive experience.

Slow-Motion Video Booth

Slow motion makes everything appear dramatic, causing even a smile and a wave to assume epic proportions. The slow motion film was once only used in movie productions, but it has since made its way to regular consumers like you and me.
We may slow down a video by 2, 5, or even 10 times by employing a high frame rate camera. You’ll see details you’ve never noticed before.

180 Degree Photo Booth

The 180 degree photo booth machine, also referred to as the bullet time or matrix photo booth, adds a distinctive cinematic adventure to your event. A semicircle of cameras is set up so that each one takes a picture from a slightly different angle. A GIF created from these photographs will give you an extraordinary impression. Although very cool, the 180 degree photo booth demands a lot of space, which makes it difficult for smaller venues to accommodate it. Renting it also costs more because of the tools and operating knowledge that are needed.

360 Degree Photo Booth

With twice as many cameras, the 360-degree photo booth machine functions exactly like its 180-degree brother. As you can anticipate, the setup is even more complex and can take up a whole room. With an exclusive experience that wasn’t conceivable just a few years ago, it’s a distinctive and powerful approach to generate excitement at your event. The high-tech setup alone would be impressive to your guests. Curious about the rising popularity of 360 photo booth rentals? Our article: ‘360 photo booth rentals are becoming very popular’ explores the trend and why this innovative option is capturing everyone’s attention.

Revolving Photo Booth

The practical and cheap method to achieve a 360 degree photo booth-like experience is to use a rotating photo booth machine. Really, it’s extremely clever!
It uses a single camera that rotates around a platform, saving you both time and money.

Green Screen Photo Booth

You can take your visitors to wonderful and far-off locales with a green screen photo booth without ever letting them leave the booth. This is accomplished by substituting digital images for the green screen, a method that is frequently employed to produce CGI in motion pictures.

AR (Augmented Reality) Photo Booth

An emerging activity, the AR (Augmented Reality) photo booth has gained popularity because of the fast filters available on apps like Snapchat and Instagram. Choose from entertaining and engaging digital accessories that follow your facial expressions for humorous results. Use your imagination by combining and matching various accessories.

Retro Photo Booth

Ask for pictures of the equipment because the retro photo booth’s main selling point is how old-fashioned it looks. It functions quite similarly to a traditional photo booth. The majority can also function as a GIF or even a slow-motion video booth.

Robot Photo Booth

The Selfiebot may converse with your guests in the manner of a chatbot or voice assistant, and you can alter its speech to reflect the tone of your company. You pay more for the novelty element with its expensive rental fee than you do for the actual photo booth experience or the caliber of the pictures. However, originality serves as a conversation starter, which may be exactly what you’re searching for.

Hashtag Printing Booth

Although it is frequently referred to as a picture booth, the hashtag printing booth is not one. This is due to the fact that you are requesting that they take their own images rather than really taking any.