The Best Corporate Event Photobooth Rentals near Buffalo, NY

Corporate Event Photo Booth Rental

Corporate Event Photo Booth Rentals: Buffalo Photo Booth Pros

Buffalo Photo Booth Pros is a company that provides photo booth rentals for corporate events in the Buffalo, NY area. We offer great customer service and a wide selection of props to make your guests feel comfortable in front of the camera. Whether you’re looking for a photo booth rental or just some advice on how best to host an event, we’ll be happy to help!

Corporate Events and Photo Booths

From a corporate event photo booth rental, a Close up photo of a mirror photo booth interface. It reads, 'Touch Here to Start'

As we continue to expand we find that many of our clients are businesses and corporations looking for a way to host an event with fun, excitement, and memorable photos. This is where corporate event photo booth rental comes in. When you think about corporate events, you may not automatically see a need for photo booths. The truth is that they fit right in and add something extra to the mix…and your guests will love them!

Sometimes it’s hard to convince an owner or manager of the need for a photo booth at their event, but we find that if you can give them some real-life examples of other companies who have hosted events with our booths they will be much more open to it. Our goal is always to make sure your guests are having fun and enjoying themselves.

    What we Offer

    Corporate Event Photo Booth Rental

    At Buffalo Photo Booth Pros, we offer a variety of services to help you host your corporate event. Some of these services include:

    • Booths – Our photo booths are set up in a way that they can accommodate large groups of people, which is perfect for your guests. Sometimes it can be difficult to get a large number of people in one place for a photo, but our booths are the perfect solution.
    • Photo Strip – Your guests will receive printed copies of their photos and we offer several different designs that you can choose from…and if none of them fit your theme or event then just ask us! We’ll create something for you.
    • Photo Books – Every photo booth rental comes with a customized photo book where your guests can write messages to each other and leave behind memories of the event. We’ll even include some extra pages that they can sign if want more space for writing!
    • Customized Messages – In addition, we offer custom text on our booths so that you can add any messages you’d like. This way your guests will look at the photos and see something that is customized for them or even about them! Even if it’s just a small message, we think this adds an extra special touch to our services.
    • Photo Printer – We have built-in printers on every booth so there are no wires to deal with. This also means that there are no cords to trip over or get in the way of your guests taking their photos, so they can have fun without interruptions!

    We are also happy to add on any other services that you may need for your corporate event. Just let us know if there is something else we can do and we’ll be more than willing to help!