The Best Fundraiser Rental Photo Booths near Buffalo, NY

Fundraiser Photo Booth Rental

Buffalo Photo Booth Pros: Making Memories at Fundraisers

Buffalo Photo Booth Pros is a company that provides fundraiser photo booth rental in Buffalo, NY, and the surrounding areas. As we all know, fundraising can be tough, and sometimes it’s hard to find ways to keep people engaged in the event. We provide entertainment through our photo booths that will surely help your fundraiser!

Fundraising and Photo Booths: A Perfect Pair

Fundraiser Photo Booth Rental

Photo booths are the perfect addition to any fundraiser. They provide entertainment, fun, and great memories! Our photo booth rentals can be customized for your fundraising event. Some of what we offer includes:

  • Fun Props – Including a variety of hats, masks, and wigs! We are constantly adding new props to our collection. Sometimes we add custom props based on what we see at fundraisers.
  • Different Backgrounds – Our photo booths come with a variety of backdrops, which vary depending on the event or theme that you are going for. We have different color options and patterns to choose from! They can be changed throughout the night if needed, but most people enjoy having a variety of backdrops.
  • Time Counts – We have a time count for all of our booths so that people know how long they have to get their photos taken! Some fundraisers last longer than others, and we want everyone to be able to take as many pictures as possible throughout the night.
  • Photo Gifts – All photo booth sessions include a photo strip and an option to print or email your photos. We also offer a personalized USB drive with all of the photos from the night!
  • Unique Settings – Our booths can be set up in any room, hall, or outdoor space! We want your guests to capture their memories no matter where they are having fun at the event.
  • Multiple Photos – Take multiple photos with group shots or individual shots. You also have the option to purchase all of the images that are taken during your fundraiser with our unlimited photo packages.

For more information on our fundraising photo booth rentals, please contact us. Our friendly team members are here to help you through every step of the booking process.

    How Photo Booths can help your Fundraiser

    When it comes to fundraisers, there are a lot of things that you need to plan and organize. The planning process can be stressful for event planners; however, we want you to know that photo booths will make your fundraiser even more successful!

    No matter how large or small an event is, having a photo booth at the fundraiser creates entertainment as well as a way for people to make memories. We offer different backgrounds and props, which means that each person will have an individualized experience!

    Photo booths also capture all of the fun from your fundraiser in photos or videos. There are unlimited photo packages available as well as personalized USB drives with every image from the night! People can take their pictures home or email them to themselves so that they can remember their experience.

    Fundraiser Photo Booth Rental