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How to Use Photo Booth Images

Nothing adds more fun to a wedding, sweet 16, bat mitzvah, graduation party, or corporate event than a photo booth, as our clientele are well aware of. The nostalgic appeal of shooting a selfie the traditional way is adored by visitors. When you get home, what do you do with those photos from the photo booth? You don’t want to discard them.

Good news: You’re not required to! You might be wondering what to do with photo booth pictures after the event whether you received a photo strip as a favor or if you’re intending to have one at your next event.

We’ve come up with 5 ideas for using your photo booth strips so you can save the memory of that moment forever. Before long, you’ll be scheduling a second event just to take more pictures.

Pictures from Our Photo Booth Sizes

If you’re used to a 4×6 or greater, the standard photo booth picture is 2×6 inches, which can be challenging to accommodate.

Thankfully, there are many alternatives when determining what to do with photo booth strips, but if you want something more “conventional,” we’ve got you covered.

Displaying the photos won’t ever be a challenge because all of our photo booths offer 4×6 printing. Additionally, we have a vast range of layouts and graphics for you to choose from, providing you with even more customization options.

Putting Up Photo Booth Strips

Looking for a great way to show off those photos from the photo booth? Here are our top 5 suggestions.

1. The Frame

The simplest solution is to frame your photo booth snapshot, but where can you get a frame that will hold such a little image? For your benefit and ours, there is a substantial industry that supports photo booths. No of your décor, you may find photo strip frames that perfectly fit your picture.

A photo booth image frame is a simple and inexpensive wedding favor if you’re getting married! To ensure that everyone knows where to sit at the reception tables, they can even double as place markers. Looking for a creative activity for your bridal shower? Explore our guide: ‘How Do You Make a Photo Booth Frame for a Bridal Shower?’ and learn how to craft a custom frame for delightful photo moments.

2. The scrapbook

You can still add your event images whether you enjoy scrapbooking as a hobby or simply like to keep a few photo albums around. A 4×6 photo is exactly half the size of a conventional 2×6 inch photo booth strip. Put two strips together snugly side by side, and presto! You can now add some enjoyable memories to your current photo album.

If you enjoy scrapbooking, the odd shape of a photo strip can make for a creative layout. Don’t forget to present the event honoree and provide any additional mementos you may have collected from the celebration! They’ll enjoy viewing the outcomes.

You don’t scrapbook? Do not fret! We provide scrapbook books with all the memories that your guests captured at your event in the photo booth. For a more luxurious appearance, upgrade to our metal or bamboo scrapbooks! It’s the ideal memento to discuss with your partner while out on a date.

3. Animate It

Sure, you could always use a magnet to attach those photobooth pictures to the fridge like everyone else, or you could create a magnet out of the pictures!

Peel off the backing before purchasing some magnetic sheets with adhesive from your neighborhood craft shop. The photo strip should then be carefully placed on the surface without any air bubbles. The magnets should then be cut to the proper size. You may either keep them in a strip or cut off each image to make a separate magnet.

4. Save the URL

Photo booth photographs have a strange size that can make framing them seem so impossible, but they’re excellent for another use: bookmarks!

Your photo booth images can be turned into a chic and enduring bookmark with a few straightforward self-adhesive laminating sheets. Looking for a less “DIY” and more long-lasting solution? Try these pouches for bookmarks. The ideal size for holding a photo booth strip.

5. Make It

You’d be astonished at what you can create with some scissors and a jug of Mod Podge.

You can use those photos from the photo booth in countless home decor projects if you enjoy crafting. You may turn them into puzzles, a votive holder, or even holiday decorations.


Since photo booth strips are essentially a snapshot of a moment in your life that was worth celebrating, they are the ideal wedding favor, trade show giveaway, or graduation party souvenir. Instead of simply tossing those photo strips in a drawer, cherish those moments by using them.

Exploring the options for photo booths? Our article: ‘Are there different types of photo booths?’ answers your questions about the various types available and helps you choose the perfect fit.