The Best School Event Photo Booth Rentals

School Event Photo Booth Rental

Buffalo Photo Booth Pros: Great for School Events!

The buzz of a photo booth at school events is one that you will never forget. We have been doing this for years and we know how to make your event the best it can be. When you hire Buffalo Photo Booth Pros, not only do you get a great school event photo booth rental but also an attendant who will guide your guests through the process of taking photos with props and uploading them to a slideshow. We want all of our customers to enjoy themselves and have fun!

School Event Photo Booth Rental

Some of our most memorable events have been at school. We know that a photo booth is a great way to get the kids involved and have fun. When you hear the laughter from inside of one, it’s impossible not to stop by and take pictures with your friends or even teachers! School events that we have provided our services for include:

  • Homecoming – We love to see the excitement in the air when students are all dressed up and excited for a night of dancing! When you book a photo booth for school events, you can let your guests know that they will be able to keep their photos as souvenirs!
  • Prom – Prom is another great event for our photo booths. It’s the last formal occasion of high school where students are given free rein over what to wear and also have the opportunity to take pictures with friends and not have to worry about getting their picture taken!
  • Reunions – Another great memory we cherish is when we provide our photo booth service for reunions. It’s always fun and exciting seeing everyone after so many years apart and sharing memories of the past with each other. When you book a photo booth, your guests will enjoy themselves as they take photos with friends and family that they haven’t seen in decades.
  • Graduation – Graduation is the next big milestone in everyone’s life. We love to provide our photo booth services for graduations because it gives students an opportunity to take pictures with their friends and family one last time before they go off into the real world!

As you can see, school events are always great for photo booths. Buffalo Photo Booth Pros provides our services to all types of schools in the local area and would love to bring fun memories to you!

    What makes Photo Booths fun?

    Everyone loves to take photos, but with a photo booth, it’s even more exciting. We provide our services for everyone from weddings to school events! There are many different types of photos that you can take when using our photo booths. Sometimes people may just take standard selfies, but other times they will get creative and dress up in wacky costumes or props with their friends. One of our most popular options is the video booth where you can record a short clip to go along with your photo!

    Photo booths are also great because it’s not only fun for guests at an event, but also for the person running it. Some of our attendants have found that they have made money using their own photo booth while also having a blast with friends and family at events!

    If you are looking to provide fun memories for your school or event, look no further than Buffalo Photo Booth Pros! We love what we do and want all of our customers to enjoy themselves!

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