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Six Best Wedding Ideas

Six Best Wedding Ideas

Every day, weddings take place all around the world. The majority of couples want to impress their guests, but may not know how, so they play it safe and stick to tradition—the white dress, the straightforward dinner menu, and the bouquet throw. We’ve attended many weddings, so we’ve put together a list of unusual wedding suggestions that are guaranteed to impress your guests and make them wish the celebration would never stop. 

Consider song requests

Asking guests to RSVP with a song suggestion is a creative way to learn more about their musical preferences. Why not ask them to put down 1 song request instead of the usual “check yes or no” prompt? This will get all of your guests dancing and create a lively dance playlist with music from various genres that everyone is guaranteed to like. Curious about integrating your wedding theme into your photo booth? Our post: ‘Five Ways Your Photo Booth Might Incorporate The Theme Of Your Wedding’ offers clever ways to create a cohesive ambiance.

Create a Custom Monogram

What better way to incorporate your individual personality into the wedding decor than to design a monogram with your own and your future spouse’s initials? Your unique monogram can be added to everything, including cake, bespoke signs, and napkins. Buffalo Entertainment Pros can even design a personalized light with your dance floor’s name on it. Your guests will undoubtedly feel the love after this. 

Create a Diverse Menu

Making your menu unique will let you put a unique touch on your favorite meals at your wedding instead of serving a typical dinner. Try a memorable dish, such as the first meal you and your fiancé shared. You may reproduce a dish from your childhood that your mother used to prepare, or how about offering a dish that is popular in your area to bring in a little bit of home? There are countless options. 

Add Color to Your Seating

Your guests will be seated facing the altar in rows during a traditional ceremony. But we adore it when our couples add flair to their seating by choosing unusual configurations and angles. It feels much more intimate to place the altar in the center with chairs arranged in a circle around it. You may also have fun with your seating by choosing various, unusual seats to give your guests a more engaging experience. 

Use recipes for family desserts

Wedding cakes can be distinctive thanks to various cake toppers, but we adore it when our couples get inventive with their dessert choices. There are no restrictions, from personalized cookies to grandma’s apple pie recipe. Serve ice cream if that is your preferred dessert. Why not provide cinnamon rolls since you might enjoy them? If you want to make sure that all of your guests are happy with their options, you can even serve different desserts.

Include a photo booth

Marriage Photo booths have never failed to make your wedding even more enjoyable. Visitors enjoy entering and making goofy faces. Additionally, when you use one of our photo booths from Buffalo Entertainment Pros, you will receive every picture that was taken, allowing you to compile a miniature coffee table book of priceless memories. Any children at your wedding will be more engaged if you do this. Grandma also enjoys using the photo booth, so rest assured.